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By Aesthetic Image Dental
February 29, 2016
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Find out how getting dental implants means more than just replacing a tooth.

There is a reason implants have become such a popular way to replace one or more missing permanent teeth. Whether you are dealing with tooth loss and currently looking for a lifelong solution or you are wearing dentures but just not satisfied, implants can offer you the Dental Implantsstable, strong smile you’ve been looking for. Your Stow dentist Dr. John Murphy can help your oral health with implants.

How do implants work?

In order to know just how beneficial implants are for improving smiles and oral health, it’s important to first know how they work. Implants act as artificial tooth roots. These small titanium posts are placed into the jawbone where they fuse together to become one. Once fully fused together, these implants are now part of your jawbone for life and can securely hold a dental crown in place.

How will an implant improve my smile?

When natural teeth are extracted the jawbone begins to weaken. This can affect your ability to chew and speak, as well as impact the overall shape of your face and smile. Those with tooth loss find it difficult to eat their favorite foods and some people just feel embarrassed by the look of their smile.

Why is an implant the easiest single tooth replacement to keep healthy?
Implants can be flossed and brushed as easily as natural teeth.  Keeping a fixed bridge healthy, that is cemented to cut down teeth on either side, is much more difficult.  A removable replacement causes food to accumulate and often the teeth holding it in place break down.

But implants are the only restoration that is designed to last the rest of your life. As if that wasn’t reason enough to talk to your Stow, OH restorative dentist about getting implants, these tiny artificial tooth roots also prevent the jawbone from deteriorating and your facial shape from changing. It also prevents the rest of your teeth from shifting out of place, implants fully integrate with your jawbone so there is no concern that they will slip around in your mouth when you chew or talk (as is often the issue with dentures).

Want to find out if implants are the best restorative option for replacing your missing tooth or teeth? Then it’s time you called our Stow, OH dental office to schedule your initial consultation. Let Aesthetic Image Dental give you back a beautiful and healthy smile.